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    Level 1- Beginner

    USD$50 | 3 hour (level 1)

    First Time Surfer Lesson will teach you all you need to know to get started. With waves guaranteed at Bai Dai(Long Beach), our qualified instructors aim to get most people standing by the end of the lesson.

    Learn all the necessary skills you need to master the whitewater waves & gain control of your board. Includes basic turning, how to pick up speed and how to slow down. This lesson includes 30 minutes on land and an hour on the water.


    The Beginner Lesson Level 1 goal:


    • Introduction to surf equipment
    • Safety awareness
    • Position on the surfboard
    • Paddle technique
    • How to catch a wave
    • Pop up (standing) technique
    • Independently catching waves
    • Surfing stance
    • Basic turning
    • Improved board control
    • Enhanced pop up technique

    Level 2 Intermediate

    USD$180 | 6 hour​ (level 1-2)


    This is for progressing beyond the white water. The lesson will introduce methods for paddling out whilst negotiating breaking waves. You will also develop a quicker and improved take off technique as well as a longer more controlled ride.


    • Forehand & backhand surfing
    • Negotiating breaking waves
    • Basic surf etiquette
    • Sitting in the line up
    • Turtle roll (Eskimo roll)

    Level 3 Advanced

    USD$240 | 8-9 hour​ (level 1-3)

    Once you have all the basic knowledge and skills it’s time to master riding a green wave, front side and backside surfing.


    • Initiating bottom & top turns
    • Generating speed
    • Maximizing the waves potential
    • Initiating cutbacks
    • Equipment progression
    • Top to bottom surfing
    • Progressive surfing (airs & reverses)
    • Flow & style
    • Competition surfing
  • Kite Surfing Lesson

    Choose your own level to enjoy Kitesurfing!

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    Hour 1

    USD$50 | 1 hour


    "Kitesurf will change your life!"

    • Discover Kitesurfing
    • Control small kite 2 meters (30 min land)
    • Equipment
    • Kite Safety
    • Self Rescue
    • Kite theory
    • Kite flying skills
    • Becoming comfortable with the Kite
    • Harness techniques
    • Kite launching
    • Kite landing


    Day 1 | One day kitesurfing course

    USD$ 125 | 3-3.5 hours


    "Control Your Kite"

    • Short instruction about the weather
    • Being able to steer a powerkite on land
    • Safety instructions
    • Being able to steer a 4-line kite
    • Bodydragging* (Water Practice with Kite)
    • Body Drags with Board

    • Water Starts with board may be possible at this time, (depending on the individual)

    *Being able to have yourself pulled through the water by using the power of the kite


    Day 2 | two day kitesurfing course

    USD$225 | 5-6 hours


    "Focus on Board, Basic Water Start/Stop Position "

    • Combine the kite and the board
    • Basic water start position
    • Short instruction about the weather
    • Being able to steer a powerkite on land
    • Safety instructions
    • Being able to steer a 4-line kite
    • Bodydragging
    • Your first board attempt

    When you are in the right position you will make a power stroke and get pulled on your board.Now You are now an  kitesurfer who already can independently set up,  launch the kite and ​walk to the edge of the water with the kite up in the air.


    Day 3 | Three day kitesurfing course

    USD$350 | 8-9 hours



    • Getting comfortable to the kite
    • Bodydragging with the board
    • Water starting in both directions
    • Theory explanation of:
      • Keeping power in the kite while kitesurfing
      • Ideal body positioning
      • Sailing directions
      • Applying the theory in the water

    Once the water start and coming to a halt has been mastered, the 3rd lesson where you will learn to kitesurf a higher level as details above. All your questions have will be answered and goal on 3rd course is independently being able to ride and sail! *If you need, we will personally go with you to the store to give you advice on the ideal kitesurf equipment :)


    Advanced Private Course

    USD$45/ per hour


    Extra training Course

    "Strengthen, be a master!"

    Advanced lessons gonna help you get faster to a higher level of kitesurfing.

    • Body positioning in both sailing directions. ( Base to move!)
    • The ideal sailing line
    • Depowering the kite more efficiently using one hand
    • Advanced “spot assessment”
    • Turning around/making turns
    • Opportunities for advanced lesson below:
    • Riding toe-side
    • Able to make a carved jibe
    • Back-roll / Front-roll
    • Railey
    • Unhooked tricks
    • Handle passes
    • Kiteloops 
    • Wave riding

    *Depending on your progression we will perform these points.


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  • About Us

    Vietnam, Nha Trang, Mui Ne

    Excellent Place for Surf, ​Windsurf & Kitesurf​​ in Nha Trang

    Vietnam, one of the well-known place for Kite-surfer, be famous in world-class competition and a paradise for outdoor lovers to meet with other like-minded people.


    Nha Trang is a convenient city for travelers to enjoy various activities and for who hope different points of surfing. Also, short trip to Mui Ne where Kite board Tour Asia championship be hold is great too.

    Kitesurfing Leading A Wave

    Trendy, popular and full of fun.

    Upcoming 2016 Rio Olympic in Brazil announce that Kite Boarding is a new category sport as part of Sailing. Now Kitesurfing is trendy and popular water sport in the world.


    Our Story

    Water sport is my​ passion. ----Phu Nguyen

    Our instructor Phu Nguyen, a Nha Trang local who is passionate in water sport. At very young age, he started working in a water sport company at Nha Trang main beach.

    “Staying at beach makes me feel alive and water sports play a role just like air as human necessity. I can’t describe well the feeling when surfing, floating on waves….Only try it, unless you will never experience it. That’s the magic of sea!”

    With his most lifetime at beach and 4 year experience of being instructor, he is an excellent instructor in Catamaran, S.U.P, Flyboard, hover board, surfing and especially Kitesurfing.

    Nha Trang Local Surfing School in Cam Ranh/Hon Chong

    ▲ Beautiful waves ▲ Stable sea breeze ▲ Strong wind

    This time, Phu decided to share his experience and introduce to everyone the undiscovered/beautiful location in Cam Ranh beach where is in perfect condition for water sports. Friendly local Instructor Phu can speak fluent Vietnamese / English, Kite surfing, surfing lesson and one-to-one private lesson are  available.

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    USD$90 | 3 h




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    USD$ 20 | 1day



    USD$ 5 | 1 hour

    USD$ 25 | 1day



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    ★ Wind: All Year ★

    ★Surf: Sep.-Apr. ★


    ▲Summer (Apr.-Sep.) :

    South (12-20 knots)


    ▲Winter (Sep.-Next Apr.) :

    North (15-35 knots)



    ▲Winter (Sep.- next Apr.): 2-5 meters